Micro welding refers to the precise placement connective metals and the application of energy to form welds less than 100 micrometers wide.

Resistance micro welding is the most basic method. Two workpieces are melted into each other by means of resistance welding. The depth and the extent of the weld are proportional to the electric energy applied and may be controlled.

Work pieces and their products joined by means of resistance welding bring following advantages:

  • Perfect conductivity
  • Exemplary ecological balance
  • Controllable high degree of rigidity
  • High process reliability with electronic monitoring and control
  • Direct bonding – without any extraneous material
  • Clean production, no problems with waste disposal

Resistronic Ltd. is a recognised manufacturer of resistance welding units and welding equipment for spot-welding of fine and ultra-fine metallic parts since 1963. Fabex is a sole distributor of Resistronic in India for sales and support of complete range of products

Resistronic offers all three welding procedures: impulse welding by means of capacitor discharge, medium frequency welding as well as AC welding.

Welding Units

Various resistance welding procedures are used, depending on the components and the qualities of the material.
The following resistance welding procedures are offered:

  • CD (Capacitor discharge) welding
  • MF (Medium Frequency) Welding
  • A.C. Welding

Welding Equipment

The correct choice and the control of the process energy, the supply of the energy to the components to be bonded together as well as the exact cut-back of the welding electrodes are of great importance for the quality of a resistance welding joint. The accurate functioning of the welding head plays therefore a decisive role for the quality of the welding joint.

Resistronic Ltd. offers a high-quality choice of various modular designs of welding heads, so that you are able to pursue all tasks within the resistance welding technology in a reliable and economical manner.

  • No putting-down force peaks
  • Secure fixing of components
  • Constant welding force
  • Minimum electrical resistance
  • Perfect cut-back characteristics
  • Power and path measurement (option)
  • Reduced wear of the electrodes