In India now, companies of any size – small, medium or large –  can benefit from the convenience and economics of machines for metering, mixing and dispensing using world-class machine configurations. Now labs, hobby shops, hand lay-up FRP shops, educational institutions have affordable solutions for mixing and dispensing proprietary formulations with varying mixing ratios – including silicone, urethane, epoxy, and acrylics!

Go ahead and exploit the full range of possibilities that are today either not considered due to lack of machinery support or is rendered extremely expensive through import of sophisticated equipment.

Michael Engineering / Rook Metering USA has been designing and manufacturing resin metering equipment since 1971.

The emphasis is on providing customers easy to use and cost effective meter/mix equipment. The company has a well established track record of providing high quality MMD equipment, and providing excellent technical support. Fabex is a sole distributor of Michael Engineering in India for sales and support of complete range of products.


Very simple & basic MMD. Suitable for small shot sizes.

Super E with Electronic Shot Control

Perfect model for epoxy & PU with moderate shot sizes. Also suitable for automation.

High Flow MMD ( CPF Drum Mounted)

Suitable for Epoxy, PU & Silicones with two parts. High volume MMD with facility of direct drum loading.